AD9850 scalar network analyzer

A network analyzer is an instrument that measures the network parameters of electrical networks. Today, network analyzers commonly measure s–parameters. Full featured network analyzers are expensive instruments, and sometimes a simpler. Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA) is a simpler form of RF network analyzer that only measures the amplitude properties of the device under test.  SNA is

Diode detector for RF

Here is a simple diode detector for RF signals. I can feed RF signal from left and get DC output from right. The DC output can be fed to Arduino analog in. The diode in the circuit is germanium diode for low voltage drop. The circuit works well for fractions of volts to several volts

More AD9850 DDS testing

I have already written a few posts on AD9850 DDS testing. Here are some more testing. I had possibility to test my signal generator circuit with Rigol DSA 815 RF spectrum analyzer. I improved my test circuit from previous tests by putting it inside case. I also replaced Arduino UNO with Arduino model with FTDI

AD9850 based signal generator

Few days ago I tested AD9850 DDS module in home in hope to some day have a working signal generator using it. The initial tests went well, so I could plan the next step. I was already doing some information searching to make decision if I should do the controlling using web interface (with Ethernet

Testing an AD9850 DDS module

For some RF tests I sometimes need to generate different higher frequency signals than normally available from general purpose function generator. For this purpose I bought a cheap AD9850 module to generate different frequency RF signals. This AD9850 module can generate frequencies in 0-40 MHz frequency range (sine wave output). For initial testing I successfully