Mirai botnet creator revealed to be rogue DDoS protection provider If this is true then this Mirai botnet story is a part of quite strange business plan that did not go as planned. Cyber security in 2016/2017 is full of strange stories – some true, some fake and most hard to prove. 

Bad idea: GPS tracking of cars

Recently, the media has been on discussion on making the country roads to be controlled by private company and Finnish cars envisaged the so-called mandatory. black box. On this discussion it has been several times mentioned that the Finnish Government has planned a mandatory monitoring devices for all cars to collect “road tax” based on

Debugging mechanism in Intel CPUs allows seizing control via USB port Some Intel CPUs have JTAG over USB 3 debugging built-in. This could be good for debugging but is really bad for computer security. “starting with the Skylake processor family in 2015, Intel introduced the Direct Connect Interface (DCI) which provides access to the JTAG debugging interface via common USB 3.0 ports.” Having the DCI

John McAfee’s 3 major cybersecurity predictions for 2017 | CSO Online Cybersecurity predictions: 1. IoT denial of service attacks on major Internet carriers will become commonplace 2. The anti-virus paradigm will finally been seen as a dead paradigm 3. Intelligence agencies will finally accept the fact that a sophisticated Nation State can perpetrate any hack and make it point to any Nation or agency that