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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Attacking the Organism: Telecom Service Providers

    Securing the Massive Netwoks of Telecom Service Providers is a Major Challenge and Becoming More Complex

    Service providers and telecom carriers form the backbone of communications and commerce in modern economies. Their networks and cell towers deliver the internet itself—and everything that depends on it—to homes, businesses and mobile devices all over the world. And the complexity involved in doing so creates enormous security challenges.

    Major telecom companies provide the back-end datacenters, backhaul networks and cell towers to deliver connectivity all the way to your individual device and the array of applications on it. They also offer many of the storefronts that put manufacturers’ devices into your hands in the first place.

    Much has been said of the explosion of applications now driving everything from power grids to Pokemon, but it’s this pervasive global industry that provides the connective tissue for all those billions of end points. An average smartphone may have several dozen applications on it. The potential for backdoors in applications and devices can create even more challenges.


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