Secure software design tips

Avoiding the top 10 software security design flaws is a document published as part of the IEEE Computer Society cybersecurity initiative.  IEEE Computer Society Center for Secure Design. The Center intends to shift some of the focus in security from finding bugs to identifying common design flaws in the hope that software architects can learn

The Evolution of ATM Skimmers

Taking a Trip to the ATM? Beware of ‘Skimmers’. Skimming is the theft of credit card information used in an otherwise legitimate transaction. Instances of skimming have been reported where the perpetrator has put a device over the card slot of an ATM (automated teller machine), which reads the magnetic strip as the user unknowingly

Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here

Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here article tells that a briefcase-size radio weapon could wreak havoc in our networked world. In the 2001 action movie Ocean’s Eleven, criminals use an electromagnetic weapon to black out a portion of Las Vegas. It might have seemed to bevVery futuristic at the time, but nowadays the threat is real and

It’s Too Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

It is scary how many industries (e.g. autos, “smart” electronics, control systems) are decades behind state of the art security. It’s Easy To Hack Traffic Lights Slashdot posting tells about article where research from the University of Michigan are into the ease with which attackers can hack traffic lights. The network is IP-based, with all