Information leaking on apps, pictures and video

It seem that you are almost always leaking some information without you knowing about them. Tracking the users is the invisible business that funds the web. Also spies target ‘leaky’ phone apps because they transmit users’ private information across the Internet. Also photos can reveal more information that you can see with your eyes. Your

Spies target ‘leaky’ phone apps

New York Times, Guardian and ProPublic have reported that Spy Agencies Probe Angry Birds and Other Apps for Personal Data. In their globe-spanning surveillance for terrorism suspects and other targets, the National Security Agency and its British counterpart have been trying to exploit a basic byproduct of modern telecommunications: With each new generation of mobile

Security trends for 2014

Year 2014 will be a year of cybersecurity after the NSA revelations made in 2013: The headline news is that the NSA has surreptitiously “burrowed its way into nearly all the security architecture” sold by the world’s largest computer networking companies. A lot of people were shocked how NSA monitored and hacked almost everything in

What the NSA revelations mean for you?

I have linked to many news related to NSA spying information by Edward Snowden at Security trends for 2013 comments. He succeeded beyond anything the journalists or Snowden himself ever imagined (exploded round the world). But what do all this information really mean for you? The Guardian has a very good overview of the current

About security warning seen on blog

I checked the state of this blog on the weekend. Instead of getting the usually blog content Firefox browser showed warning screen with red colors that this blog could be potentially dangerous! Safe Browsing said: ” Site is listed as suspicious , and visiting this web site may harm your computer. Part of this site

A Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks

I just saw yesterday an interesting Digital Attack Map This Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks is a Digital Attack Map that was produced in a collaborative effort by Google Ideas and Arbor Networks to raise awareness about distributed denial of service attacks that try to choke or shutdown websites. Typical reasons for attacks: sites