What the NSA revelations mean for you?

I have linked to many news related to NSA spying information by Edward Snowden at Security trends for 2013 comments. He succeeded beyond anything the journalists or Snowden himself ever imagined (exploded round the world). But what do all this information really mean for you? The Guardian has a very good overview of the current

About security warning seen on blog

I checked the state of this blog on the weekend. Instead of getting the usually blog content Firefox browser showed warning screen with red colors that this blog could be potentially dangerous! Safe Browsing said: ” Site is listed as suspicious , and visiting this web site may harm your computer. Part of this site

A Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks

I just saw yesterday an interesting Digital Attack Map This Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks is a Digital Attack Map that was produced in a collaborative effort by Google Ideas and Arbor Networks to raise awareness about distributed denial of service attacks that try to choke or shutdown websites. Typical reasons for attacks: sites

USB charging dangers and USB Condom

Modern smartphones consume so much energy that charging them once a day is not always enough. When they are used intensively, the user sometimes has to look for a power source in the middle of the day, and charge their device whenever and wherever possible. At first glance, it seems absurd to worry about safety


How to hack to an embedded device? On-chip debug (OCD) interfaces can provide chip-level control of a target device and are a primary vector used by engineers, researchers, and hackers to extract program code or data, modify memory contents, or affect device operation on-the-fly. Depending on the complexity of the target device, manually locating available

Linux for School Exams in Finland

Slashdot informs (and I have seen it also on other news) that the Matriculation Examination Board of Finland (Upper Secondary School Exams) has opened an international hacking contest to find flaws and exploits in Digabi Live. Digabi Live is a Live Debian based operating system to be used in the all-digital final exams by the

Afraid of hackers?

Are you afraid of hackers? If not yet check out the scariest new tricks at this year’s twin computer crime conferences, Black Hat and Def Con. The top 10 new reasons to be afraid of hackers article tells that it’s traditional for these skilled programmers to unveil their greatest exploits at the conventions, prompting a

HTML5 security issues

HTML5 has opened many new possibilities for developers. Now you can use web technologies to build full mobile applications, not just web pages. When you are building those application you need to know The Security Risks of HTML5 Development, because HTML5 includes a number of useful features that pose as double-edged swords from a security

Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA

For the last week news sources have been full of controversy over the NSA’s controversial PRISM surveillance program (check the latest comments on my Security trends for 2013 article) after top-secret slides detailing the massive electronic surveillance programme were leaked last week by ex-CIA techie Edward Snowden. If those newspaper reports are accurate, the NSA’s