Meet USBee, the malware that uses USB drives to covertly jump airgaps | Ars Technica This hack makes an USB drive to transmit your secrets in a way a nearby radio can receive it. Technique works on virtually all USB drives with no modifications necessary. “We introduce a software-only method for short-range data exfiltration using electromagnetic emissions from a USB dongle,” The software works on just about any storage

Usb to ps2 adapter fail

I bought usb to ps2 keyboard plus mouse adapter “USB Male to PS2 Female Cable Adapter Converter Use For Keyboard Mouse” from Banggood to connect some older hardware (especially on old bar code reader with PS/2 keyboard interface) to new computer. This particular USB Male to PS2 Female Cable Adapter Converter Use For Keyboard Mouse was

USB reverse engineering tips

Do you want to know what happens in the USB devices? What data flows between your PC and your device? Here are some videos that show tips how you can figure out what data flows on your USB ports. Reverse Engineering USB Devices [28C3]   How to reverse engineer a USB protocol for Linux  

Reversible USB connectors

One of the frustrating issues on traditional USB connectors has been figuring out how to them plugged in the right way. In theory you should be able to plug in USB plug with maximum two trials (both directions), but in practice it can take even more attempts. This is sometimes frustrating, for example when smart

Car USB charger teardown

Here is a teardown of a cheap car USB charger (few us dollars). It worked well for years, but started to be unreliable one day. So I had to take a look what is inside: The issue seemed to be bad ground/- connection. A little bit of soldering could fix this.. Posted from WordPress for

USB2Serial Adapter As An I/O Device

I used to do uears ago I/O with different lines on RS-232 ports ans parallel ports in different PCs. Nowdays serial and parallel ports have almoat completely dissappeared, being often replaced with USB adapters in  applications where they are needed. USB2Serial Adapter As An I/O Device article tells how USB adapters can be used for

USB Killer It is well known fact that USB security is broken. So when you plug in unknown USB stick to your PC, you can get viruses to your PC OS and firmware. But can it seriously physically damage your PC.  The designer of this gadget was thinking of this possibility and built such evil fake

Cheap USB2.0 video capture

I got a new laptop (Windows 8), but I occasionally needed to capture analogue video. What device to use with it? My older USB capture hardware was not compatible, so I needed a new one. Preferably something cheap. I found USB2.0 Video TV Tuner DVD Audio Capture Card Converter Record Receiver as suitable looking product