USB soldering iron

Powering all kind of gadgets from USB power has become very popular nowadays. Soldering from USB power? Now there are products for this. The question is that how useful they are because of the limited power available from USB port (just few watts). The maximum power you can get from normal USB 2.0 port is

USB and ground loops

USB was originally designed for desktop use, but it is increasingly used for industrial applications. For USB to survive in those environments, it needs to be made more rugged. It means that ruggedizing USB for ground loops and using better (more protection and better locking) connectors are often needed. Ruggedize USB connections for tough environments

USB and Ethernet audio

Over the last decade the way we find, store, and listen to music has undergone a huge change. Online media has changed many aspects of the audio industry, but some things just don’t change. The debate over audio quality still goes on. Ethernet AVB, USB Audio Class 2.0 aid audio quality article discusses on some

How USB drives are made

Hackaday article Hand placing flash die to make USB drives tells how boards inside USB drives populated. The article points to Where USB Memory Sticks are Born article that tells that once the bare die FLASH chips are screened for functionality, they are placed by hand onto a PCB (using some sort of tool made

Old "Atari" joystick to USB

The most common joystick type in home computers in 1980′s and some time after that have been Atari-style digital joysticks. Atari 2600 joystick pinout”>Those joysticks are named after Atari, because this joystick type was first introduced in Atari 2600 videogame and then adopted to the home computers introduced on ever since (VIC 20, Commodore 64,

LEGO compatible USB hub

I bought some time ago High Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub (White) from Dealextreme. The main reason for buying that was need for USB hub and the LEGO like design of this HUB, also the price was very reasonable ($5.30). The computers (Vista and XP) detected the device well. It was just plug and play

USB phone charging a security risk?

Many modern cellular phone use USB plug for charging and many places offer nowadays charging possibility. But plugging your phone into an untrusted USB cable is, indeed, a security risk according to Juicejacking – an emergency phone charge can be a security risk article. The article fortunately tells that it’s easy to avoid the risk

Taking power from USB port

Power-supply circuit operates from USB port article mentions some useful points on using USB connector as power source as well as gives an useful circuit diagram. You can use a USB port to power an external circuit. Even one without any USB functionality in it. Every PC has a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port that