Agreement on Cell Phone Chargers in E.U.

European Commission has reached a voluntary agreement with some of the biggest names in the electronics industry to introduce a common charger for cell phones that fits all models. New phones configured to use the standardized chargers use a micro-USB connector for charging. Information on this USB charging connector is available at USB Approved Class Specification Documents documents. Read Battery Charging v1.1 Spec and Adopters Agreement document for more information (NOTE: Document is inside .zip file you get). The new technology could mean chargers would eventually be sold separately from new phones. Ten major mobile phone producers representing the vast majority of the E.U. market have pledged to participate in the agreement. USB As A Power Source has some interesting facts on using USB power for charging and operating electronic devices.


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    The article itself has links to more information. Check them.

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  7. Apple charger secrets « Tomi Engdahl’s ePanorama blog says:

    [...] Usually, device makers need to sign a confidentially agreement with Apple if they want to say their charger ‘works with iPhone / iPod,’ and they’re not allowed to talk about how the insides work. I hate when manufacturers do crap like this to keep peripherals locked into a more profitable licensing agreement. Apples tendency toward total control is one of the things i don’t like about them. And many other manufacturers are just as bad. I wish companies would back off and be more open and/or use standard micro USB chargers. [...]

  8. tomi says:

    Apple devices are always a special case.

    For more information read this posting:

    Apple and other USB charger secrets

  9. EU standards for common mobile phone charger « Tomi Engdahl’s ePanorama blog says:

    [...] note that earlier there has been a voluntary agreement on cell phone chargers in EU using the same [...]

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