Open Spark Project

See Girl Talk, Lady Gaga Performed on Tesla Coils article tells about Open Spark Project that plays music with Tesla coils. Watch the videos.

Tesla Orchestra performing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”:


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    If He Starts Nodding Off, Try Another Million Volts

    David Blaine, the magician and endurance artist, is ready for more pain. With the help of the Liberty Science Center, a chain-mail suit and an enormous array of Tesla electrical coils, he plans to stand atop a 20-foot-high pillar for 72 straight hours, without sleep or food, while being subjected to a million volts of electricity.

    When Mr. Blaine performs “Electrified” on a pier in Hudson River Park, the audience there as well as viewers in London, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney, Australia, will take turns controlling which of the seven coils are turned on, and at what intensity. They will also be able to play music by producing different notes from the coils.

    Is this a new form of cyber-sadism?

    Mr. Blaine will be protected by some gear he demonstrated last week at a warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Looking like a medieval knight, Mr. Blaine wore a steel chain-mail body suit, including chain-mail socks, and donned a wire helmet to complete the encasement of himself in a Faraday suit

    The whole performance, on Pier 54 near West 13th Street, will be shown live at

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    David Blaine’s 1m-volt ‘Electrified’ stunt – video

    Elevated on a platform above a high-voltage Tesla coil and dressed in a 9kg (20lb) chain-mail suit, the American illusionist and endurance artist, David Blaine, performs his latest stunt named ‘Electrified’. Blaine will stand on the platform for three days and three nights amid a 1m-volt artificial lighting storm

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Controlgeek block checks out David Blaine’s “Electrified” stunt

    David Blaine Electrified

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Why David Blaine’s electrifying stunt is not that dangerous
    Illusionist grabs headlines for all the wrong reasons with announcement of latest stunt

    Famed illusionist David Blaine has once again grabbed headlines with the announcement of his latest stunt — “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.” It will feature Blaine standing for three days and three nights in the middle of a million volts of electricity being streamed by seven Tesla coils.

    The title of the act alone will cause any with a slight understanding of electricity to shake their heads: Why is voltage the focus of this act? It’s not the dangerous part. An unprotected person’s risk of being electrocuted directly correlates to the amount of current that passes through an electric field, or amperes.

    During the stunt, Blaine will wear a mesh suit to protect him from being physically exposed to the electricity.

    The suit is basically a glorified version of technology called the Faraday cage, which has been around since 1836.

    Blaine’s mesh suit will serve the same purpose. The only difference is that he will be wearing his protective cage, as opposed to standing inside it.

    “He has a conducting suit, all the current is going through the suit, nothing through his body,” said John Belcher, a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Belcher adds that the only real threat that Blaine will likely be exposed to during his three-day trick is fatigue. Also, some of the subtle byproducts of an exposed arc of current might pose a health risk.

    “He is surrounded by all these lightning discharges, [which] would certainly emit radiation and there would be a lot of ozone,” he said.” [That] might be a problem for three days.

    Specifically, byproducts of ionized air include nitrous oxides

    Interested in seeing whether or not David Blaine can stay awake for three days straight?

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    How to Build a Slayer Exciter

    A Slayer Exciter is an air-cored transformer that steps up a very low DC voltage to a very high AC voltage. This creates an electromagnetic field around the coil that is capable of lighting up fluorescent and neon light bulbs. It is fairly similar to a Tesla Coil.

    The Slayer Exciter was the brainstorm of Dr. Stiffler a few years ago. It has since been modified and improved, resulting in a community of people whose hobby is to revise and improve them.


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