Audio and video documents updated

I have updated three popular documents at

Powering microphones document is updated with cleaner drawings of electret mic to XLR adapter circuits.

3D glasses and other 3D display devices has completely rewritten introduction to 3D glass technologies. This has been a document that has been viewed very often in the site and I felt that it was time to bring it up-to-date on that. I have not removed the old content, they can be found on the end of the document.

Telephone line audio interface circuits document has links updated. I got few days ago a e-mail telling that several links in this document are not working anymore.

Reports on similar issues are good input. If you know other similar issued in other documents, please report them so I can fix them.

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  1. Aléxia says:

    ok, that was an interesting read. keep the comments coming guys.


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