The UNO Overdrive

What do you do when your micro-controller project runs out of horsepower? Well you increase the power in a way or another, like increasing clock speed (maybe up to over-clocking) or change to a faster processor family.

What to do when your Arduino Uno isn’t fast enough? The UNO Overdrive article shows The Uno/Dumilanove Overdrive, running at 32MHz (Atmel has rated 328 chip max clock to 20 MHz).

It promises to make your board and project go twice as fast as it normally does. The trick is to replace the existing crystal with a clock generator running at 32MHz and change a few setting to the Boards.txt file: it’s 100% compatible and 200% the speed. There is a drawback: it won’t work at +70deg anymore.

This looks interesting and more useful that the approach show on previous Arduino overclocking posting.

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