MobilECG goes open source

Few days ago Hackaday reported that after a failed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, MobilECG has gone open source. MobilECG is a medical grade 12 lead electrocardiograph that connects to USB port. It is designed to meet all the relevant medical standards (ISO 60601-1, etc.). It was designed to work with PCs, notebooks, and Android tablets. Records all leads simultaneously.


The problem with this project was that, while MobilECG is relatively cheap, medical certifications are not, and the campaign didn’t reach its goal to pay for everything. MobileECG is based around the Texas Instruments ADS1278 octal analog to digital converter and two AVR microcontrollers (ATTiny24 and an ATUC64). Check MobilECG page for all the details. Maybe someone can invent some use for this design that has been now pushed open-souce: You can download the hardware design, firmware, and software source code for free. According the project page the design is functional but unfinished, (needs additional work before it can be certified). The software is licensed under WTFPL, the hardware under CERN OHL 1.2.



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