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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Volkswagen secured the disastrous results of exhaust tests of exhaust gases

    The car manufacturer attempted to prove that the inhalation of diesel cars in its cars caused lower health risks than before but the result was the opposite.

    German car wreck financed unethical animal experiments and buried their results because they did not like it.
    Even using the scam equipment did not help.
    Testing was revealed last week.

    Car manufacturer Volkswagen secreted the results of animal testing they did, as they did not like it. The EUGT test laboratory in the United States conducted a test in 2014.
    The monkeys were exposed to exhaust gases for four hours, after which blood tests were taken and their respiratory organs were inspected.

    German magazine Bild has received research materials and, according to them, VW’s inhaled monkeys suffer more. The result was the opposite of what VW had hoped for and the matter was buried.

    Volkswagen claimed earlier that researchers never managed to publish the entire research.

    The tests were funded by three German automobile manufacturers, namely Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW. Volkswagen was responsible for apes research.

    The knowledge of monkey testing caused tremendous indignation in Germany and worldwide when it came to the public for the first time last week. It then became apparent that EUGT also made human experiments with emissions. The EUGT was closed last year.



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