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Pokemon Go is a hot new mobile game that uses your location informatio. It has already created need for some players to spoof smart phone GPS locstions – and there are tools that makes this possible.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go GPS Cheat (If You Don’t Fear Getting Banned)

    Pokemon Go inherits a certain vulnerability to GPS location spoofing from it’s predecessor Ingress, but also the progress that has been made in spoof detection. Since taking advantage of a game’s underlying mechanisms is part of the winner’s game, why not hook up your smartphone to Xcode and see if you can beat Niantic this time? [Dave Conroy] shows you how to play back waypoints and activate your Pokemon Go warp drive.

    The hack (therefore the Monospace) is based on the developers toolkits on Android and iOS, and also the easiest way to get banned from the game.

    easiest way without jailbreak is creating a new iOS app in Xcode (or any iOS application you have at hand) and build it to the phone. While in debugging mode, you can then load a *.GPX-file, which is simply a text file containing GPS waypoints in the XML-based GPS Exchange Format

    The file is loaded via Product -> Debug -> Simulate Location -> Add GPX file to project, as shown in the video. This makes the waypoints or tracks available from the Simulate Location menu. From there, you then can then teleport your phone to the defined locations, or take it for a walk along the tracking points.

    Oh, and did we mention this is probably get you banned?

    Going outside is for suckers

    Pokemon Go Simulate Location with Xcode

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go – Bot Edition

    A wild Python appeared, and it wants to play Pokemon Go. Python bots are taking over the game when you can’t, and they are good. Since you’re likely to bump into one sooner or later, here’s an overview:

    One of the first workable bots and the origin of a lot of (dirty) code, as well as the (not dirty at all) Pokemon Trainer Club client secret, is [Mila432’s] Pokemon Go Bot. One of his initial goals was to make better sense of the API, which worked out better than he hoped.

    Not wanting to impetuously destroy the numerous helpful applications that had been built upon the already partially known API, he decided to keep the project off Niantic’s radar.

    Pokémon GO API in Python

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go Cheat Fools GPS with Software Defined Radio

    To [Stefan Kiese], this isn’t much more than an exercise. He’s not even playing Pokemon Go. To squeeze a usable GPS signal out of his HackRF One, a $300 Software Defined Radio, [Stefan] uses an external precision clock. This makes up for the insufficient calibration of the HackRF’s internal clock, although he points out that this might also be fixed entirely in software.

    Using SatGen and a conversion tool that comes with the software-defined GPS signal simulator gps-sdr-sim, [Stefan] turned a *.KML-exported GoogleEarth path into a *.CSV file that can be played back by the GPS simulator.

    After firing up the GPS transmission, he found his avatar running happily through the Pokemon world.

    Free GPS NMEA Simulator software

    SatGen NMEA is a very powerful, free piece of GPS Simulation software from Racelogic that allows you to create NMEA files and generate real-time NMEA serial streams.

    What does SatGen NMEA Simulation Software allow you to do?

    You can use the software to stream synthesised NMEA data into your target device, replacing the serial output from a GPS engine. This means you can create a driving/flying scenario anywhere in the world, at any height, and at any speed, and test your device with realistic data.

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go Physical Pokeball Catches ‘Em All

    There’s something irresistible about throwing Pokeballs at unexpectedly appearing creatures. But wait. When did you actually, physically throw a Pokeball? Swiping over colored pixels wasn’t enough for [Trey Keown], so he built a real, throwable, Pokemon-catching Pokeball for Pokemon Go.

    For his build, [Trey] acquired an off-the-shelf foam Pokeball, from which he removed the original “light and sound” guts and some of the foam filling to make space for actual, real Pokemon a TI SensorTag 2.0. This little, self-contained IoT development board comes with BLE and an accelerometer, so on the hardware side, there wasn’t much more to do than stuffing it into the prepped foam ball.


  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go Plus DIY
    Project to create your own pokemon go plus

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Pokemon Go Plus DIY
    Project to create your own pokemon go plus

    This project is intended to collectively create a DIY version of the famous device Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

    This project is intended to collectively create a DIY version of the famous device Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus, which can be created with different platforms

    Platforms supported:
    - Arduino + BLE
    - nRF51822

    - CC254X

    (Possibly Raspberry Pi 3, Linkit One, Intel Edision and more)

  7. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:
    NPD: sales of portable power packs for mobile devices doubled between July 10 and July 23 compared to same period a year ago, likely due to Pokémon Go

    Pokémon Go drives a surge in smartphone backup battery sales

    Early on in the Pokémon Go hype cycle, there were signs that players were driving a significant uptick in sales of backup batteries, like the Mophie units you may be familiar with that offer USB connections for topping up mobile devices while you’re away from an outlet. Now, research from analytics firm NPD Group goes beyond early anecdotal evidence to show that in fact, unit sales across the portable power pack segment saw a 101 percent spike in the two weeks spanning July 10 and July 23, as compared to the same period last year.

    Overall demand for mobile batteries has been high in general this year – NPD days sales are up 35 percent year-over-year on a 12-month measure as of June 2016.

    Go sessions rapidly reducing charge means more cycles, which means less time until you need to get the battery swapped out or buy a new phone

    But enough fun-policing: The bottom line is that a mobile game with the consumer reach of Pokemon Go can have significant impact on the broader ecosystem


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