Single Photon Light Emitting Diodes

LED features single photon emission article tells that Graphene Flagship is hitting its research out of the proverbial park by demonstrating an all-electrical quantum LED with single-photon emission. The LEDs are atomically thin and have potential as on-chip photon sources that can be used in quantum information apps. Graphene Flagship researchers used layers that included transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), graphene, and boron nitride to build the thin LEDs that can be used in quantum communications and network applications. While quantum communication is still a way off, the research brings it closer as all-electrical single photon emission is a key priority for integrated quantum optoelectronics.

Single Photon Light Emitting Diodes for On-Chip Integration article tells that Researchers from the Graphene Flagship use layered materials to create an all-electrical quantum light emitting diodes (LED) with single-photon emission: Atomically thin LEDs emitting one photon at a time have been developed by researchers from the Graphene Flagship. Article has a picture that shows overlay of the microscope image of a quantum LED device and the photoluminescence image from the active area of WSe2. This research is a fantastic example of the possibilities that can be opened up with new discoveries about materials.

This research was part of The European roadmap for graphene science and technology:




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