Bizarre car to “mains” adaptor

Some time ago I built Avalanche pulse generator circuit. In that project I used a slightly odd car to “mains” adaptor device as the DC/DC converter to generate the voltage (around 100V) needed to power the avalanche circuit. Here is view of that part of Avalanche pulse generator circuit:

I had bought that device that was marketed as card DC to AC converter (while actually putting put DC), then not used it for intended purpose because it was not suitable for that. I had planned few times to make a tear-down of it for this blog (as an example of not very good device), but never ended up doing that.

Today I found out that there is a tear-down video of the same, or very similar device. Inside a slightly bizarre car to “mains” adaptor video made by bigclivedotcom goes into details of that is inside this power converter:

Some details picked from YouTube video description:

“for running older plug-in power supplies for equipment that doesn’t use a standard USB style connector”

“The device also has a very badly implemented USB port”

“The mains socket on the front actually puts out DC at a voltage that floats between about 90V to 200V+, so is only suited to universal switchmode power supplies that already convert the incoming mains to DC.”


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