Our Obsession With Smartphones Reduces Our Brain Power, Says Study | IFLScience


The brain has a finite pool of attention resources – the “limited-capacity” cognitive resources.

It seems that lots of smartphone use diminishes a person’s working memory capacity and “fluid intelligence” – the ability to solve novel problems independent of already stored information, which is called “crystallized intelligence”.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Hack Your Memory

    Much of your memory is stored in the form of associations. Encoding things you need to remember into a silly story takes advantage of this fact. The memory of a ‘night-rowing-general’ is already in your head. You can see him in the theater of your mind… rowing his boat under a black sky… the silver stars on his green hat reflecting the moonlight. Associating this visual representation of the night-rowing-general with the term ‘Nitrogen’ is very easy for your brain to do.

    You’re probably already familiar with this type of learning. Does “Bad Boys Run Over Yellow Gardenias Behind Victory Garden Walls” ring a bell? It’s nothing new.


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