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In every packet-switched network, you will notice characteristics that are intrinsic to them and that varies depends on the communication channels being used. Such characteristics are bandwidth, delay (including jitter), packet loss, packet corruption and reordering.
Linux has the tc queue discipline ‘netem’ for quite some time now. Netem is capable of emulating all the characteristics above and can be used even with veth tunnels between net namespaces, so testing can be very handy. Its manpage is very detailed and contains command examples on how to use them. 

But which values should I use??


WAN ADSL: 6ms latency, drops ranging 0-1%, jitter 0.5ms

WAN Fiber: 2.2ms latency, 0% drops, jitter 0.1ms

If you are looking for Linux package witj GUI for this, check our this: WANem network emulator



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