An Angry Birds Empire: Games, Toys, Movies and Now an I.P.O.

The digital world is littered with one-hit wonders — companies that tried to turn a single successful brand into a big-time business only to be eclipsed by changing technology and consumer tastes.

The maker of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, hopes to defy that trend.

Rovio found success in a smartphone game Angry Birds.

Rovio helped usher in the rise of smartphone games, building a juggernaut around the Angry Birds brand. 

Now, the Finnish company is planning an initial public offering that could value the company at roughly $1 billion.


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  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Rovio’s share in the whopping booming stock market – “Brutaali disappointment”

    The disappointing outcome of the publication was immediately reflected.
    Rovio’s earnings brokerage quotation rose to a declining trend. After half an hour of opening the exchange, the rate was 19 percent minus.

    Rovio’s shares rose exceptionally to the 10th most traded shares in the Stock Exchange.

    Analysts from the financial management company FIM described the result as a brutal disappointment.

    The result of the Rovio company, which started trading in the Helsinki Stock Exchange in September, clearly weakened in the third quarter.

    The company’s earnings before taxes decreased by EUR 0.5 million in July-September, compared with EUR 4.6 million in the same period last year.

    However, its net sales increased by 41% to EUR 71 million from EUR 50 million.

    Operating profit dropped to 1.6 million from 5.2 million.

    Earnings per share were EUR -0.01, compared with EUR 0.05 a year earlier.



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