Web development trends 2020

Here are some web trends for 2020:

Responsive web design in 2020 should be a given because every serious project that you create should look good and be completely usable on all devices. But there’s no need to over-complicate things.

Web Development in 2020: What Coding Tools You Should Learn article gives an overview of recommendations what you learn to become a web developer in 2020.

You might have seen Web 3.0 on some slides. What is the definition of web 3 we are talking about here?
There seems to be many different to choose from… Some claim that you need to blockchain the cloud IOT otherwise you’ll just get a stack overflow in the mainframe but I don’t agree on that.

Information on the web address bar will be reduced on some web browsers. With the release of Chrome 79, Google completes its goal of erasing www from the browser by no longer allowing Chrome users to automatically show the www trivial subdomain in the address bar.

You still should target to build quality web site and avoid the signs of a low-quality web site. Get good inspiration for your web site design.

Still a clear and logical structure is the first thing that needs to be turned over in mind before the work on the website gears up. The website structure for search robots is its internal links. The more links go to a page, the higher its priority within the website, and the more times the search engine crawls it.

You should upgrade your web site, but you need to do it sensibly and well. Remember that a site upgrade can ruin your search engine visibility if you do it badly. The biggest risk to your site getting free search engine visibility is site redesign. Bad technology selection can ruin the visibility of a new site months before launch. Many new sites built on JavaScript application frameworks do not benefit in any way from the new technologies. Before you go into this bandwagon, you should think critically about whether your site will benefit from the dynamic capabilities of these technologies more than they can damage your search engine visibility. Well built redirects can help you keep the most outbound links after site changes.

If you go to the JavaScript framework route on your web site, keep in mind that there are many to choose, and you need to choose carefully to find one that fits for your needs and is actively developed also in the future.
JavaScript survey: Devs love a bit of React, but Angular and Cordova declining. And you’re not alone… a chunk of pros also feel JS is ‘overly complex’

Keep in mind the recent changes on the video players and Google analytics. And for animated content keep in mind that GIF animations exists still as a potential tool to use.

Keep in mind the the security. There is a skill gap in security for many. I’m not going to say anything that anyone who runs a public-facing web server doesn’t already know: the majority of these automated blind requests are for WordPress directories and files. PHP exploits are a distant second. And there are many other things that are automatically attacked. Test your site with security scanners.
APIs now account for 40% of the attack surface for all web-enabled apps. OWASP has identified 10 areas where enterprises can lower that risk. There are many vulnerability scanning tools available. Check also How to prepare and use Docker for web pentest . Mozilla has a nice on-line tool for web site security scanning.

The slow death of Flash continues. If you still use Flash, say goodbye to it. Google says goodbye to Flash, will stop indexing Flash content in search.

Use HTTPS on your site because without it your site rating will drop on search engines visibility. It is nowadays easy to get HTTPS certificates.

Write good content and avoid publishing fake news on your site. Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it’s learned may be crucial to Western democracy,

Think to who you are aiming to your business web site to. Analyze who is your “true visitor” or “power user”. A true visitor is a visitor to a website who shows a genuine interest in the content of the site. True visitors are the people who should get more of your site and have the potential to increase the sales and impact of your business. The content that your business offers is intended to attract visitors who are interested in it. When they show their interest, they are also very likely to be the target group of the company.

Should you think of your content management system (CMS) choice? Flexibility, efficiency, better content creation: these are just some of the promised benefits of a new CMS. Here is How to convince your developers to change CMS.


Here are some fun for the end:

Did you know that if a spider creates a web at a place?
The place is called a website

Confession: How JavaScript was made.

Should We Rebrand JavaScript?


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Mikä ihmeen Core Web Vitals, ja miksi se on tärkeää huomioida SEO:n kannalta?

    Google sai varmasti useamman SEO-asiantuntijan kulmakarvat nousemaan, ilmoittaessaan uudesta hakusijoituksiin vaikuttavasta tekijästä nimeltään Core Web Vitals. Mistä tässä on kyse, mitä asiasta pitää tietää ja miten päivitykseen tulisi reagoida?

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Modern browsers widely support the HTML srcset attribute that enables responsive images. But for its CSS background-image equivalent image-set(), there is no support for IE11, Firefox, Firefox for Android and Opera Mini.

    Of course, you’ll want to have a non-responsive fallback image for these non-supporting browsers. Well, that’s not as obvious as it sounds.

    Tech logs: Use image-set() while supporting Firefox with dynamically loaded background images

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Ammattimaisten WordPress-sivustojen hinnat liikkuvat hintaluokassa 15 000 € – 40 000€. Mikä hintaan vaikuttaa ja kuinka paljon – tutustu tarkemmin!

    Mitä WordPress-verkkosivujen teko maksaa?

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Vältä WordPress-sivuston posahtaminen näillä devaajan teeseillä

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Vältä WordPress-sivuston posahtaminen näillä devaajan teeseillä

    Jokaisen fronttikehittäjän sisällä asustaa taiteilija tai vähintään intohimoinen insinööri. Välillä tekisi mieli kaivertaa syvemmällä uralla omaa kädenjälkeä sivustokoodiin, mutta liian luova WordPressin ja sen lisäosien taivuttaminen voi johtaa varsinaiseen ylläpitopainajaiseen.

    Osaava kehittäjä säästää omaa tulevaa työtään toteuttamalla asioita dokumentaation mukaisesti ja lisäosia hyödyntäen, jolloin käsintehtyjen koodiviritelmien määrä jää minimaaliseksi. Tässä blogitekstissä käyn läpi fiksun tekemisen esimerkkejä WordPressin, sen lisäosan Advanced Custom Fieldsin sekä sisältöeditori Gutenbergin osalta.

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    A visual comparison of phrase popularity in 150 billion tweets.

  7. Tomi Engdahl says:

    German privacy tsar tells ministries to shut Facebook pages

    BERLIN, June 29 (Reuters) – German government organisations have until the end of the year to close their Facebook (FB.O) pages after the data protection commissioner found the social network had failed to change its practices to comply with German and European privacy laws.

  8. Tomi Engdahl says:

    A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites With Hardcore Porn

    Stories on major news sites like ‘The Washington Post,’ and ‘New York Magazine’ currently have porn embedded in them because of an old site called Vidme.

    Hardcore porn is embedded all over regular-ass websites because a porn company has purchased the domain of a popular, defunct video hosting site.

    As pointed out by Twitter user @dox_gay, hardcore porn is now embedded on the pages of the Huffington Post, New York magazine, The Washington Post, and a host of other websites. This is because a porn site called 5 Star Porn HD bought the domain for Vidme, a brief YouTube competitor founded in 2014 and shuttered in 2017.

    Seemingly any vid.me embeds now redirect to the 5 Star Porn HD homepage. The site vid.me also redirects there.

    This is funny, unfortunate, and also, an example of a much larger problem: The internet is a collective hallucination that is fading away thanks to link rot.

  9. Tomi Engdahl says:


    Traficom julkaisee loppukesästä uuden evästeohjeistuksen. Luonnos on nyt kommentoitavana 9.8.2021 saakka. Blogissa analyysia luonnoksen yksityiskohdista.

    Lyhyesti: ehdotettu malli on erittäin tiukka malli, jossa käytännössä 99% Suomen sivustoista joutuisi kysymään lupaa evästeisiin.

    On vaikea kannattaa mallia, joka on noin tiukka, koska tämän jälkeen viimeistään käyttäjät lakkaavat välittämästä heitä kiusaavista kyselyistä. Fiksumpaa olisi, jos ainakin analytiikka sallittaisiin välttämättömyytenä, jolloin ainakin julkishallinto voisi suurimmaksi osin olla kyselemättä lupia evästeisiin.

    Ehdotus on silti paljon enemmän oikein kuin väärin, jos vertaa aiempaan tilaan. Ehdotus tuleekin muuttamaan Suomen evästebannerit aivan totaalisesti, jos toteutuu nykymuodossaan (olettaen, että valvontaakin on).

    Nykymuotoinen ehdotus iskee esimerkiksi mediataloihin ja verkkokauppoihin erittäin kovaa, koska jatkossa käyttäjille on tarjottava yhtä helppo valinta hyväksyä vain välttämättömät kuin hyväksyä kaikki.

    Tulee olemaan mielenkiintoista myös seurata, että kiinnostaako mediataloja ja verkkokauppoja muuttaa omia evästebannereitaan uuden tiukan ohjeistuksen mukaisiksi!

    Kuuma evästekesä 2021 on selvästi käynnissä! Kannattaa kommentoida!

    Traficom pyytää kommentteja uuden evästeohjeistuksen luonnoksesta

  10. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Add the most natural sound on earth to your pages


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