Friday Fun: USB is dangerous?

I saw an alarming sounding headline with worrying picture:

Man Goes Up In Flames After Pulling Out USB Stick Without Safely Removing It First


“Authorities suspect the cause of the fire can be traced to Murphy previously pulling a USB stick out of his computer without safely removing it beforehand.”

This was clearly parody because you can’t get this kind of flames from USB port (even with super high power 100W USB-C). To get flames like that you would need gasoline or bad big Lithium battery. Yes I know USB can be somewhat dangerous but this risk scenario is not what you should be too much worry about.

Anyway Microsoft has been for years been well aware that people have no time to remove USB safely. Life’s too short for it, thus with the new Microsoft Windows 1809 Version, the company made it pretty much safe to pull out your USB without any hassle.



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