Friday Fun: Kreosan English

Kreosan aka Alexander Kryukov is a famous YouTuber from Ukraine. Kreosan is an Ukrainian Youtubers Offer Wacky Experiments, With A Side Of War & Immigration. Kreosan is recognized and pretty famous among the Mass Media all over the world.

He creates with his team crazy things with electricity and other potentially dangerous things in the videos! When viewing those videos most probably you will be amazed and maybe scared sometimes. Videos are full of crazy ideas and projects. Kreosan typically offers low-tech high-drama science experiments like how to start a fire with a cellphone and heating food directly with electricity. These guys are doing some dangerous stuff for views.

Check out the channel at and


Warning: Do not try to repeat those experiments. People like Kreosan are inspiring less experienced/expendable watchers to do the same shit with much less caution/preparation, and THIS is wrong.

Because Ukraine is not safe country to be in just now due Russian invasion, according the video posted on the channel Kreosan and his team are now safe abroad from Ukraine.


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