Canon MP620 printer fixing

In jet printer is affordable, versatile and great at printing photos and graphics. But they have also set of problems. Troubleshooting common inkjet printer problems needs to be done too often. The most common problem with inkjet printers is not printing at all, poor print quality and the ink being very expensive. Usually print quality problems manifest themselves in the form of horizontal white lines running through each line of print. These white lines are caused by clogged nozzles that aren’t dispensing ink. Not getting any printout can be caused by even more clogged nozzles or printer being out of ink (often too little ink on one color means no prints at all).

The inkjet inks that use cartridge that has the print head and ink integrated to one piece are expensive spare parts. You can get cheaper prints with those printers that have a fixed print head, where you just add just ink. But still the liquid ink used in inkjet printers seems to be one of the most expensive liquids in the world.

Canon MP620 is an inkjet printer + scanner device where you can add ink quite cheaply (especially when you don’t buy original Canon ink). But sometimes the print head gets clogged beyond what the built-in maintenance menu clean print head programs do. So I needed to do some more clean up, even with some risk that the print head gets damaged if I follow some cleaning instructions that were not exactly right.

Here are some MP620 printer print head repair videos. Claims made in repair videos are deemed reliable but not guaranteed to be best advice. Those videos helped me to clean the print head on my Canon MP620 to work well again. Each situation is unique and your printer may not be repairable.

Canon MP-620 – How To Clean Printhead

Cleaning your print head with Powerflush part 1

The purpose of flushing the printhead periodically between prints is to flush out any color particles that may have built up over time. If you are planning on soaking the printhead for any length of time, some sources recommend that you do so in distilled water. I myself used just regular tap water that I knew was high quality and did have low amount of minerals in it.

Replacing print head on Canon MP620 printer is one option of cleaning did not help.

The last video gives you an alternative idea that could be tried when you have tried everything else nothing else works: Canon MP620 Printer Repair

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