HP ENVY 17 fan repair

The HP Envy (stylized as HP ENVY) is a line of consumer-oriented high-end laptops, desktop computers and printers manufactured and sold by HP Inc. They started as a high-end version of the HP Pavilion line.

I have had a HP ENCY 17 laptop for many years. It has worked well. But just some days ago it started to make strange noise and became slow. After rebooting it showed fan not working error.

So I decided to open my laptop in the plan to fix the fan to work again. It could potentially need just cleaning or I would need a new cooling fan. Fortunately I found this very helpful video

Good video how to open and clean fan

and also this How to replace fan useful repair video.

After watching those videos I wan convinced the that opening this laptop was a good idea. Fortunately this “old school” laptop PC was built so that it could be opened reasonably by opening screws (not everything glued and taped together). After removing tens of screws I finally got the PC open.


The fan had some packed dust and some small plastic particles in (the computer has taken some hits over years to could be caused by that).

This is the fan after cleaning. It worked well and I did not need to replace it.



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