Multifunction Counter Teardown

I have Hung Chang HC-F100L multifunction counter that I bought few decades ago. I planned to do a teardown post of it some day, but someone else did it first.

Korean Multifunction Counter Teardown

[Thomas Scherrer] likes to tear down old test equipment, and often, we remember the devices he opens up or — at least — we’ve heard of them. However, this time, he’s got a Hung Chang HC-F100 multifunction counter, which is a vintage 1986 instrument that can reach 100 MHz.
Inside, the product is clearly a child of its time period. There’s a transformer for the linear supply, through-hole components, and an Intersil frequency counter on a chip. Everything is easy to get to and large enough to see.
The oscillator inside has a temperature regulator so that once warmed up, it should be more or less stable.

Hung Chang HC-F100 multifunction counter 10Hz to 100MHz test teardown

this one uses one of the all in one frequency counter chips
prescaler and a very impressive temperature regulated crystal osc.

Also Radiomuseum has a page dedicated to Multifunction Counter HC-F100

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