Samsung LED TV is not an entirely new category of TV

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about these new LED TV models from Samsung. They are advertising them as entirely new type of TV that changes everything. After some checking round what is this new technology is I found out that it is nothing spectacular new in it. Samsung’s so-called “LED TV” is pretty much like a normal LCD TV. The only difference is that the backlights technology has been changed from CCFL to LED.

Samsung is trying to promote this LED backlighting technology as an entirely new category of TV, which is a little misleading I think. It is true that LED backlight technology has some benefits (potential to consume less electricity) and potential for future enhancements (local dimming can give really nice contrast and black levels if used on some future models). And the idea to use LED for LCD technology display backlight is nothing new and it has been used earlier by many companies on many other types of LCD displays.

More material on this topic can be found at the articles
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  1. compare led tv says:

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    • tomi says:

      The really new LED based TV technology is expected to be OLED.
      In this technology the whole display consists of tiny LEDs that generate the light for each pixel (no backlight needed like in LCD).
      The OLED technology has already come into use on cellular phone and digital camera displays, but there has been some problems in reliably manufacturing large OLED display panels.
      Sony has already some TVs using this technology. According to news LG and Samsung are trying to get their OLED TVs to shops before Christmas.
      The benefits of OLED displays include low power consumption, very good contrast and very thin display panel.

  2. tomi says:

    Thank you for your update that back-lit LED TVs with local dimming are already available from several manufacturers.
    Technology is advancing all the time.

    I am still waiting to see when the large OLED TVs become available and is OLED technology as good as claimed.

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    LED Tv’s are more expensive than traditional LCD TVs which are having some massive price drops.;`”

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  20. Stowell from Samsung LED TVs says:

    Ola! Epanorama,
    Thanks for your thoughts Most people are confused about the difference between LED TVS and LCD TVS. Basically an LED Tele is basically an LCD television which incorporates a supplementary technology. LEDs are light emitting diodes that happen to be an operable light source and while during the past various methods of illuminating the LCD screen were utilized along the lines of fluorescent tubes, now the LEDs are utilized to light up the LCD monitor.
    A large number of completely new LED TV varies have already been launched in the market recently. Samsung has introduced very slimline styles which are below 1 inche in thickness, Sony has brought in an individually controlled LED panel which happens to be backlit, Toshiba’s has delivered out innovative LED backlit method with 240 KHz display panel, LG has jumped in with 240 KHz TruMotion LED backlit TV series. Sharp has in addition unveiled an Ultra Bright LED solution.

    Loads of manufacturers also add a large number of environmentally friendly and power saving mechanisms to these LED, so this may increasingly result in your electric power bills and carbon footprints getting lowered.

    I look forward to your next post

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