Webkit-based UI for TV devices

Netflix’s Webkit-based UI for TV devices article says that Netflix uses WebKit, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to build user interfaces that are delivered to millions of game consoles, Blu-ray players, Internet-connected TVs, and devices.

Matt McCarthy and Kim Trott, device UI engineering managers at Netflix, have just published 50 presentation slides from their recent talk at OSCON 2011 in which they explained how Netflix develops its Webkit-based user interfaces. The slides are accompanied by detailed speaker notes.

This stuff is interesting because of the challenges of developing the interface for a wide variety of platforms with vastly differing capabilities. Different platforms have different needs and capabilities. In the slideshow, they acknowledge there are differences between platform UI needs, but they seem to try a one-size-fits all approach.

I saw this slide set first mentioned at Inside Netflix’s WebKit-Based UI For TV Devices posting at Slashdot.



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