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Elkom electronics fair starts tomorrow

Elkom, the leading professional electronics event in Finland is held for the 20th time. Elkom trade show display: Electronics Components, Accessories, Raw materials and semi-finished products, electronics equipment, Tools and equipment, Measurement and test equipment, Contract manufacturing and design, Other products and services. During the trade fair Electronics Engineers EIS to organize a high level

Video over UTP

Traditionally analogue video transmission is done using 75 ohm coaxial cables. Those video signals are not directly compatible with nowadays more widely used twisted pair wiring (CAT5, CAT6 etc..), which means you just can’t wire the signals directly form video output to a twisted pair wire. The mains problems in connecting 75 ohms video source

Google Search is turning 15

Fifteen years on—and we’re just getting started article tells that Google Search is turning 15. The article gives a quick overview how the world has changed so much since then: billions of people have come online, the web has grown exponentially, and now you can ask any question on the powerful little device in your

Website Speed Testing

Is there a way to check how long does it take for the page to load? Pingdom Website Speed Test is a easy to use on-service worth to check. Enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks. PageSpeed Insights is part of web performance tools at Google.

CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark

IT professional: find out how skilled you are at the European level. The CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark is a free, online interactive tool that enables current and future ICT professionals to identify the competences they need for various ICT roles and career paths. The tool is designed to allow individuals to self-assess their IT competences against

USB Power Current Voltage Tester

How could I measure the normal power consumption of my USB gadgets? How can I measure how much current a smart phone charging takes from USB port? A special built USB measurement adapter for multimeter or USB current/voltage meter can answer to to those questions (and sometimes you get some information from device manager USB

iPhone 5s Teardown

Tear-down of a new gadget is always interesting to see. iPhone 5s Teardown article has linked to this iPhone 5S Teardown Round Up video from YouTube. It shows what is inside the latest iPhone. Judge yourself does does Apple have innovation problem or not.

Song-and-dance or dog-and-pony video?

Do engineering videos grab your interest? What is the correct way to advertise an engineering product? Which is the better MCU pitch? Song-and-dance or dog-and-pony video? article asks if traditional dog-and-pony show or uptempo song-and-dance style is a better way to advertise a micro-controller. Because this is a Friday post, I will link here that