Friday Fun: Engineers

This is a pretty funny video: Engineers


Engineer Memes comments on this:

The heck did I just watch?


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Do engineers make excellent spouses? Divorce rates by engineering specialty

    According to a studyconducted by Professor Michael G. Aamodt from Radford University, agricultural engineers are the most stable husband and wife material, whereas stationary engineers/operators are the most volatile.

    First of all, high-level engineering jobs typically require advanced degrees and attract people with higher levels of education. Higher levels of education are rewarded with higher salary, thus, better equipping the engineer’s family with additional income and decreasing the prospect of financial difficulties, one of the primary causes of domestic turmoil. Secondly, one may presume that engineers, being engineers, possess superior attention to detail and heightened level of communications, two vital aspects in sustaining healthy relationships.


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