BNP Paribas says bitcoin’s blockchain could make current securities firms ‘redundant’

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:
    Microsoft partners with the R3 banking consortium to develop and deploy blockchain technologies on the Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service cloud platform — Microsoft solidifies its blockchain-as-a-service work with new banking partnership — Microsoft is making its Azure blockchain …

    Microsoft solidifies its blockchain-as-a-service work with new banking partnership

    Microsoft is making its Azure blockchain-as-a-service offering the backbone of a new partnership with the R3 banking consortium.

    Microsoft has formed a “strategic partnership” with the R3 banking consortium to develop, test and deploy blockchain technologies.

    Microsoft officials announced the new arrangement on April 4, the first day of the company’s Envision 2016 business-decisionmaker conference in New Orleans. Envision is focused on the digital transformation of existing businesses using Microsoft technologies.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Are the block chains the new internet?

    The block chains, chain block, have come to be known Bitcoin -virtuaalivaluutan platform. They are also known as decentralized account book, ledger distributed. Their use is projected to increase broadly in the coming years, and is said to be up to the next internet.

    Backup without an intermediary

    The block chain is a distributed database, where the event (for the transaction, such as bank transfers or contract) information is stored in the block, which can also be appointed by, say, a folder or account book. The blocks are joined together into a chain.

    The chain block, therefore, to ensure that the stored data remain unchanged and the parties can rely on a block chain of the entries without the need for a third party (eg a bank) by giving fallback. In practice, however, often by a third party to provide the appropriate block chain platform.

    Data collected safely and permanently?

    Block the chains can be stored in any type of data, such as text, images and documents. Thus, for example, contracts can be stored in the block chain. Some idealists will see a block chains, including the ability to record the history of the writing format that can not be changed later.

    However, the data are not absolutely safe. The operation is decentralized and based on the assumption that the chain is correct when more than half of the systems make the CPU capacity is confirmed. Block chains, therefore, come up against the same race with the other technologies attackers.

    International Technology giants have smelled gold mine, and around the block chains are now a lot of buzz:

    R3 is a technology company working on a project in which a number of major global banks have studied the access block chain technology in the financial sector from different suppliers (Eris Industries, Ethereum, IBM, Intel and Chain) on the basis of concepts. Finns are familiar with the banks have been in mm. OP, Nordea and Danske Bank. Time will tell Will companies continue to use their own dedicated block chains, or based on the public network of computers block chains.
    Microsoft will provide, together with the ConsenSysin financial businesses of their own, based on Ethereumin system block chain system Azure cloud services to include. The aim is to offer companies an easy and affordable way to try out the technology in practice.
    IBM has also published its own chain of service -tarjoomansa block (block chain-as-a-service).
    The Linux Foundation has set up a Hyperledger Project, which aims to develop a distributed platform to provide the building blocks for various block chain applications and solutions. Members of the project is an impressive array of, inter alia, financial, IT-technology and Internet issues leading companies.



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