Windows to celebrated 30th anniversary

Microsoft Windows celebrated 30th anniversary few days ago as Windows 1.0 was launched on 20 November 1985. Upon its debut, this operating system aimed at the general public had a new graphic interface which was relatively easy to use. It was the first foundation stone in the immense Windows edifice to come. Initially known as Interface Manager, this new operating system was in the end called Windows.

In 30 years, Windows has changed massively and its latest version, Windows 10, which launched this summer. To get the idea how much it has Windows has changed, look at the examples at Microsoft Windows 1.0 to Windows 10: 11 shades of Windows on its 30th anniversary article and 30th Anniversary of Microsoft Windows video.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Microsoft Windows is 30: end of term school report
    Column The teachers are a bit concerned

    Dear Mr & Mrs Gates,

    Please find enclosed this term’s school report for your son, Mike Rosoft. Please acknowledge that you have received and understood the contents by returning the attached Google Form.


    Mike has had a reasonably good term and has certainly matured since all he did was play Solitaire all day. His work rate has significantly increased to a point where his teachers no longer want to kill him. He does have some significant megalomaniac tendencies, however.

    We are still concerned about his timekeeping. His mobile homework was due in several months ago and hasn’t arrived yet.


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