From radio waves to packets with software defined radio – Reaktor

Introduction to software defined radio (SDR). This work is related to communication with Hello World satellite. I have seen this software radio system in real life.



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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    GNU Radio for Space (and Aircraft)

    GOMX-3 is a CubeSat with several payloads. One of them is a software defined radio configured to read ADS-B signals sent by commercial aircraft. The idea is that a satellite can monitor aircraft over oceans and other places where there no RADAR coverage. ADB-S transmits the aircraft’s ID, its position, altitude, and intent.

    The problem is that ADS-B has a short-range (about 80 nautical miles). GOMX-1 proved that the signals can be captured from orbit. GOMX-3 has more capability. The satellite has a helical antenna and an FPGA.

    The people behind the satellite, GomSpace, has a complete parser for the ADS-B data beacons and [destevez] has it rolled into a GNU Radio module.

    GNUradio module to decode data from GOMX-3


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