The four waves of augmented reality (that Apple owns) | TechCrunch

Augmented/virtual reality is seen as the fourth wave of consumer technology. AR could become much bigger than VR. 

AR itself is comsists of four waves: mobile AR software, mobile AR hardware, tethered smartglasses and standalone smartglasses. These four waves could drive AR from tens of millions of users and $1.2 billion last year, to more than a billion users and $83 billion by 2021.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The Man Who Invented VR Goggles 50 Years Too Soon

    Science fiction as we know it would not exist without Hugo Gernsback. He coined the term “science fiction” as the editor and publisher of Amazing Stories, the first magazine devoted to the burgeoning genre, which he launched in 1926. The Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy are named after him.

    But his most arresting invention was probably his television eyeglasses [above]. A Life magazine profile of Gernsback in July 1963, when he was 78, described his “teleyeglasses”

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The Reality Ecosystem: What AR/VR/XR needs to go big

    AR/VR/XR are going to be big, but not everyone will win. Today’s market is a collection of related point solutions to specific problems, but not a fully functioning ecosystem. Not yet. For the market to begin to challenge incumbent platforms (particularly mobile), great tech alone is not enough. AR/VR/XR needs its own Reality Ecosystem. And there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle.


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