Thoughts on the circuits you should publish | EDN

There are two fundamental categories that define what can and what should not be published: professional and consumer. 

In general, virtually any circuit was safe to publish for a professional audience that usually understood any apparent hazards. And most circuits that had hazards had them pretty well spelled out. 

In ignoring dangerous circuits, there is also the issue of whether a circuit was really a good circuit or a piece of junk. Magazines, unfortunately, simply couldn’t get top tier engineers. 

Those are valid points to think about in publishing circuits. Or when examining circuits found from different sources. I have tried to keep those in mind when publishing circuits in my site. 

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    In short:
    Avoid publishing dangerous circuits.

    And if you feel you must publish, remember to have proper warnings (more is better here).


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