Modular synthesis on the web

The modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules. The modules are typically connected together with patch cords in different ways as needed to generate needed tones. Typical modules are oscillators (operate on frequency), filters (spectrum), amplifiers/gates (amplitude) and Envelope generators (dynamic control). The earliest commercial modular synthesizers were developed, in parallel, by R.A. Moog Co., and Buchla in 1963Hardware offerings range from complete systems in cases to kits for hobbyist DIY constructors. For more information read the introduction by Roland and How to build a modular synth.

Today modular synthesizers exists in both physical and virtual forms. Modular Music Synthesis On The Web article introduced me to an interesting web based instrument: Zupiter is a modular synthesizer that runs in your browser. Zupiter app is written entirely in JavaScript and makes use of both the web audio and web MIDI APIs. You can play notes using your computer keyboard (A to L keys), using a built in sequencer node, or you can connect an external MIDI keyboard or sequencer. You can make your own synth by combining building blocs graphically together or you can play with the provided examples. Besides synth parts there is an oscilloscope module that can show you waveform in real time.


Here is a video that introduces you to Zupiter:

After interesting introduction you can go directly to to start playing and experimenting.

Some interesting synth examples with Zupiter:

Interesting synth to play with and my adaptation of it

Acid synth at

Several sequencers in one project

DTMF synth


Here is a link to my earlier posting on other type of web based synths that you might also find interesting to look at.


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