USB cable videos

Here are some hopefully interesting to you videos on USB cables:

Inside a Popular Amazon USB Cable

How USB Cable Quality Affects Charge Rate

Does USB cable quality matter?

According to this video the cheap cable charges at only 2.7 watts while the other two higher quality cables charge the power bank at over 13 watts. That’s a significant difference.

#177 Avoid Surprises: How good are USB cables and how can you test yours?

Everything Wrong With USB-C Cables | Untangled

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The USB cable consists of one twisted pair for data and two untwisted wires for powering downstream appliances. Specifically, a full-speed cable contains a 28-gauge twisted pair, an untwisted pair of 28 to 20 gauge power conductors, an aluminized polyester shield, a drain wire, and an overall 65% (minimum) copper braid. Nominal impedance for the data pair is 90 ohms.



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