Cyber security news February 2020

This posting is here to collect cyber security news in February 2020.

I post links to security vulnerability news with short descriptions to comments section of this article.

If you are interested in cyber security trends, read my Cyber security trends 2020 posting.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Raccoon malware affects all browsers

    Despite its expensive price and subscription-based business model, the Raccoon malware has grown increasingly popular among cybercriminals due to its ability to target at least 60 applications including most popular browsers.

    The Raccoon infostealer, also known as Racealer, has gained a following on underground hacking forums as a result of its aggressive marketing strategy, use of bulletproof hosting and easy-to-use backend. This malware was first discovered last year by security researchers at the firm Cybereason and it costs $200 a month.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    New Wi-Fi Encryption Vulnerability Affects Over A Billion Devices

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