Self driving cars failed 2020

I was had planned to do a long post on self-driving cars a quite long time. I was planning to do one this spring, but I might not do that, because it seems that predictions that self-driving cars would be here in 2020 were far too rosy. Five years ago, several companies including Nissan and Toyota promised self-driving cars in 2020. So it may be wise to take any new forecasts with a grain of salt. Hare is a worth to check out article of the current status of self-driving cars:

Surprise! 2020 Is Not the Year for Self-Driving Cars

In March, because of the coronavirus, self-driving car companies, including Argo, Aurora, Cruise, Pony, and Waymo, suspended vehicle testing and operations that involved a human driver. Around the same time, Waymo and Ford released open data sets of information collected during autonomous-vehicle tests and challenged developers to use them to come up with faster and smarter self-driving algorithms.

It seems that the self-driving car industry still hopes to make meaningful progress on autonomous vehicles (AVs) this year, but the industry is slowed by the pandemic and facing a set of very hard problems that have gotten no easier to solve over the years.



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    EU kieltää diesel- ja bensiini­autot – tätä mieltä meppi­ehdokkaat ovat
    IS:n Eurovaalikoneesta muun muassa selviää, mitä mieltä meppiehdokkaat ovat polttomoottoriautojen kieltämisestä EU:ssa.

    UUSIEN bensiini- ja diesel-autojen myynti EU:ssa päättyy 2035. Onko se liian aikaisin?

    EU:n polttomoottorikiellon on ollut tarkoitus astua voimaan vuodesta 2035 alkaen. Vanhoilla diesel- ja bensiiniautoilla saisi ajaa vielä lain voimaantulon jälkeenkin, mutta uusia polttomoottoriautoja ei enää myytäisi.

    Yllättävää ei ehkä ole, että vihreiden ehdokkaat pitävät aikataulua hyvänä ja ovat täysin eri mieltä, että polttomoottorikielto tulisi liian aikaisin.

    – Kielto on silti sinänsä perusteltu signaali valmistajille, ja pitäisi sellaisena ymmärtää. Kenenkään autoa ei tulla pihalta pois hakemaan, ja uudet bensiini- ja diesel-autot ovat näillä näkymin marginaalinen tuote vuonna 2035 joka tapauksessa, Atte Harjanne (vihr) puolusteli vastaustaan.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Ruotsalainen, tarkemmin Göteborgista kotoisin oleva Sensrad on kehittänyt tutkan, jota se kehuu valotutkaa eli lidaria paremmaksi ajoneuvokäytössä. Laite on nimeltään Hugin D1, ja sen kuoren alla ruotsalainen tutka- ja antenniosaaminen on yhdistetty israelilaisiin siruihin.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Jessica Mathews / Fortune:
    How GM is scrambling to save Cruise, which has become a liability after one of its automated vehicles hit and dragged a pedestrian 20 feet in October 2023

    In a single night, self-driving startup Cruise went from sizzling startup to cautionary tale. Here’s what really happened—and how GM is scrambling to save its $10B bet

    October 2 was a quiet night on the streets of San Francisco. It was moderately cloudy, and Fleet Week activities had just begun at Sunset Library. But in the Tenderloin neighborhood, at 9:29 p.m., a pedestrian stepped out into the street, crossing Fifth and Market, and was struck by a green Nissan Sentra sedan. What happened next would ripple all the way through one of the largest corporations on earth—GM.

    Because after the woman was struck the first time, “Panini”—one of the self-driving robo-taxis in Cruise’s fleet that had been out on the streets for about a year and a half—ran over her, stopped, and then dragged the woman for 20 feet as it tried to pull over.

    Within seconds of the initial impact, Cruise’s control room in Scottsdale, Ariz.—where hourly agents monitored Cruise’s fleet 24 hours a day in cubicles fitted with three computer screens—was looped in. By the time a live three-second video of the incident transmitted onto the computer screens in front of Cruise’s remote assistance agents, the car had already incorrectly labeled the incident as a side collision and begun to pull over, unaware it was dragging a person beneath its wheels.

    An exhaustive internal investigation reconstructed nearly every detail of the accident, but it couldn’t clear up exactly what Cruise’s remote assistance team saw that evening. One thing is certain: The incident, while not fatal, was the most serious in Cruise’s history, and it immediately thrust the robo-taxi company and its 80% owner, General Motors, into a spiral of federal scrutiny and investigations as well as public outrage and condemnation.

  4. vibrantnissan says:

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  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Rebecca Bellan / TechCrunch:
    A look at Overland AI, Potential, and other startups developing off-road self-driving systems, including for military operations, underground mining, and more

    VCs and the military are fueling self-driving startups that don’t need roads


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