Outdoor wiring dip loops

What is a drip loop?

The drip loop is a slack bit of cable that sits lower than the rest. The whole purpose is to let water pile up at the bottom and drip off. If your cables were tight, water from outside could travel down the wire and get straight into an outlet or onto your electronic devices.

Drip And Service Loops

The Importance of a Drip Loop on Your Home

A drip loop, is a loop or dip in the service entrance lines right before they enter the service mast conduit on the roof. The drip loop prevents water from entering the service mast and ultimately, protects your electrical panel from becoming wet on the inside.

As it rains, water can get onto service entrance lines.
The dip or loop right before the service mast entrance stops water from continuing to travel to the service mast and allows water to drop off at the bottom.

Coax Drip Loop- Why And How

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