Induction heater wireless LED


Inductive cooker powers a LED wirelessly. The kettle needs to be here to keep the inductive stove to be turned on (it will turn off when no big metal object is detected on heating area).

This LED circuit worked for me for a short test, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you or be safe to try.
LED circuit details at Different value, physical size, different inductive heaters and coil at different locations can give different results from LED not giving out light up to potentially frying LEDs (or even potentially dangerous voltage out from coil).

I measured the frequency seemed to vary between 22-26 kHz when measured open circuit with a scope meter. I got frequency reading from 40 to 50 kHz during the test when I had a multimeter with a frequency counter connected in parallel with the diode.

The open circuit voltage on the 170 uH coil was around 12V open circuit. When connected to the LED, the current varied from few mA up to over 50 mA depending on coil location. During the testing the LED I used got too much current and was fried. The coil itself also heated up somewhat during the test.

For more interesting experiments with induction heaters, look at the Electroboom video Induction Energy Experiments