Friday Fun: Solving a Rubick’s Cube with LEGO

Solving a Rubick’s Cube with LEGO and popsicle sticks

The user enters the cubes state into a python GUI, which the solves the cube using the beginners layer by layer method. It then sends the solution to the Arduino via (usb) serial, which then solves it.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Rubik’s Robot So Fast It Looks Like a Glitch in the Matrix

    From Ferraris to F-16s, some things just look fast. This Rubik’s Cube solving robot not only looks fast, it is fast: it solved a standard cube in 380 milliseconds. Blink during the video below and you’ll miss it — even on the high-speed we had trouble keeping track of the number of moves this solution took. It looked like about 20.


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