People Are Using Old Laptop Batteries to Build Their Own Versions of Tesla’s Powerwall

Tesla’s Powerwall was intended to provide a convenient way for homeowners to store electricity for future use, such as when the power goes out. But with a $5,500 price tag, they haven’t been affordable for many consumers. 

Some who had been interested in the tech, however, decided to try to make their own: constructed their own powerwalls by utilizing old, recycled batteries from laptops. 18650 lithium-ion batteries are the most recommended batteries to use. They can be found in more than just laptops. DIY powerwall builders are recycling batteries and giving them a whole new purpose.
While companies like Tesla sell powerwalls, these DIY models allow people to save money — and potentially store more electricity.

WARNING: When building such powerwalls, you need to know for sure what you are doing (know the risks) because Li-Ion batteries are potentially dangerous when the cells go bad or they are not used correctly



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