People Are Using Old Laptop Batteries to Build Their Own Versions of Tesla’s Powerwall

Tesla’s Powerwall was intended to provide a convenient way for homeowners to store electricity for future use, such as when the power goes out. But with a $5,500 price tag, they haven’t been affordable for many consumers. 

Some who had been interested in the tech, however, decided to try to make their own: constructed their own powerwalls by utilizing old, recycled batteries from laptops. 18650 lithium-ion batteries are the most recommended batteries to use. They can be found in more than just laptops. DIY powerwall builders are recycling batteries and giving them a whole new purpose.
While companies like Tesla sell powerwalls, these DIY models allow people to save money — and potentially store more electricity.

WARNING: When building such powerwalls, you need to know for sure what you are doing (know the risks) because Li-Ion batteries are potentially dangerous when the cells go bad or they are not used correctly


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Build your own open source solar panels

    Do-it-yourself electricity generation is still difficult and expensive. The inventors of the SunZilla project aim to make it easier, cleaner, portable, quiet, and completely open source.

    The SunZilla system is designed to replace diesel and gasoline-powered generators for portable and emergency power: camping, events, mobile phone charging station, provide power to refugee camps, or keep the lights on during a power outage. Two people can set it up in a few minutes. It is modular and plug-and-play.


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