Raspberry Pi media player works with Elisa Viihde

Earlier I have written how I configured my Raspberry Pi configured for media playback. Then on comments I write how XBMC-Elisa-Viihde-plugin started to fail and I could not solve the issues (normal update, plugin uninstall/install and even full reinstall did not work).

Now I finally have success with my Raspberry Pi media player. Reinstalling the newest version of whole system to a new SD card fixed the issues (installation done as I told in Raspberry Pi configured for media playback posting). Now the system works well with Elisa Viihde and YouTube.

It seems that something was wring on my installation and/or some earlier RasbMC installation, something that normal updating did not solve… and an earlier attempt to reinstall. Anyways now everything works again and I ma happy with that. I don’t think it is worth of time to check what exactly went wrong.


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  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    XBMC-Elisa-Viihde-plugin works well to play Elisa viihde material when it works.
    Too often I have had issues that things just stopped working after automatic update or sometimes just for no good reason. Sometimes booting has helped the situation temporarily.

    Full reinstall of the system has solved the issues until the system does this problem again… I have tried two different SD card brands in case the issue was SD card compatibility (there has been notices on some issues with certain SD cards and Pi), but no help here.

    Strange things is that Elisa viihde plug-in starts to complain first script errors, and still some other services work well….

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Maybe I should try this idea mentioned at http://hackaday.com/2014/11/16/hackaday-links-november-16-2014/

    SD card in your Pi died? Of course it did. The problem is you’re not shutting down your Pi correctly. [satya] whipped up a quick project to fix that. One button, a bit of Python, and a shell script is all you need for a one-button shutdown for your Raspberry Pi.

    Phsical Shutdown Button For Raspberry Pi B

    Sometimes I wondered, there should be a physical shutdown button on raspberry pi, to safely down the device, because direct shutdown of raspberry pi could damage the SD card or File system. SO i added of my own. Here is how.


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