IoT guidelines for cellular networks

Many IoT devices are expected to use cellular networks and operators expect to get lots money on the process (Beecham Research  expects  US$8.9 billion in connectivity revenues for mobile operators by 2020). The threads to that are that huge number of IoT devices can at worst case seriously overload the limited cellular network resources.  Cellular Group Rolls IoT Guidelines article tells that trade group GSMA released version 1.0 of its “IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines,” a 70-page document outlining best-practices for chips, systems, and apps riding the cellular network. It is worth to check document if you are into IoT. The GSMA is developing a set of acceptance tests for IoT devices and applications to ensure best-practices are being followed (expected to be ready early next year).

Cellular Group Rolls IoT Guidelines article also tells that embedded SIM specification for remote provisioning of machine-to-machine (M2M) devices is getting support from many operators and module makers. This eUICC spec is expected to accelerate IoT growth (currently fragmented market, the number of cellular M2M connections could rise from 478 million today to 639 million in 2020).


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    5 rules for playing nice with IoT gateways

    If the IoT is to prosper, it will need to scale massively. Devices old and new, complex and simple, intelligent and, well, not so intelligent will all need to work together without getting in one another’s way. One of the IoT’s main challenges will be the design of devices and their gateways to support interoperability.

    As I mentioned in my last blog, the essential function of any IoT gateway is to establish and maintain a secure, robust, fault-tolerant connection between a cloud service and edge devices. Essentially, the gateway is the traffic cop of the IoT. It manages all the on-ramps and makes sure the traffic flows into and out of the cloud smoothly.

    Here are some thoughts to consider when designing a modern IoT device.

    Please talk to me
    Respond quickly
    Don’t be chatty
    Never just go away
    Tolerate multiple masters


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