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Finnish gaming industry’s two biggest stars are Supercell and Rovio. While Supercell has been the greatest start in mobile games, Rovio has been expanding to a larger entertainment company with large bet on Angry Birds movie that Rovio did with Sony Picture. Angry Birds movie is based on Rovio’s popular Angry Birds game, the film is the biggest-budget Finnish movie production ever, and is scheduled for distribution in 74 countries.


“The Angry Birds Movie” is directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis and set on an island with a population of flightless birds. The story centers on Red, who has a serious temper, and the mysterious arrival of green pigs.

It seems that this large bet is going to pay quite well the invested money back: “The Angry Birds Movie” has gotten a flying start with $43 million in 74 markets, a week ahead of its U.S. launch on May 20. When The Angry Birds Movie opened internationally, it sets record May opening for an original animated film. The 3D animated project, based on the video game series, finished in first place in 37 markets grossing $43 million dollars (=38 million euros). And the Angry Birds Movie isn’t even out yet in America or in much of Asia.

I was the Angry Birds movie last weekend on the movie theater pictured above in Helsinki Finland. “The Angry Birds Movie,” is a fast, fizzy and frenetically entertaining extension of the manic gaming franchise. The visuals are colourful and attractive, this is a movie that’s aimed squarely at the under-10s audience – but also older viewers can find it funny and entertaining. I liked this American-Finnish 3D computer-animated action-adventure comedy film.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    ‘Angry Birds’ Is The Word With $42M-$44M No. 1 Opening; ‘Neighbors 2’ Lower With $25M – Box Office

    Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie is flying higher than Captain America: Civil War for the weekend, according to matinees, on course for a No. 1 take between $42M-$44M.

    Angry Birds is looking to hatch $12M for today. Sony is receiving a 7% distribution, and it’s not even on the hook for P&A and the production cost, which reportedly is $73M. The big news on this film is its multiple, especially as summer break starts. One analyst predicted $150M stateside, which is at least a 3.6. Sony got paid in a separate deal on the Angry Birds special effects, which its own Imageworks unit handled. In advance ticket sales, Fandango reported that Angry Birds was the top destination for the weekend, pacing in tandem with Hotel Transylvania 2 last year.

    RelishMix social Media Monitor reports: “Angry Birds has a strong Social Media Universe of 345M, which is made of 144M Facebook fans, 30.2M Twitter followers, over 42M Instagram followers and more than 128.5M YouTube views.”

    Overall conversation is positive online for Angry Birds. Some longtime fans of the popular mobile game are excited about the SNL alum cast while others are saying “too little, too late” — no doubt referring to the peak in popularity the game had several years ago.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The Angry Birds Movie – Angry Words

    The cast of The Angry Birds Movie share their favorite angry words.

    The Angry Birds Movie in theaters May 20.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The American film business in the next Box Office Mojo Web site by Rovio Entertainment in Angry Birds movie is acknowledged worldwide to date of $ 151 million already, ie approximately EUR 131 million in box office receipts.

    The film received last Friday premiere in the United States, where it rose to a weekend favorite movies. an estimate of the Treaty on the Sunday night, the movie is a return on the first weekend in the United States with regard to $ 39 million

    In China, the Angry Birds rose most viewed in the weekend ‘
    $ 29 million. This is China’s third most successful animated film of all time.

    outside the United States Angry Birds movie has garnered Box Office Mojo that, to date a total of $ 112 million, or approximately EUR 100 million.

    The Finnish company has used the production of the movie for about $ 77 million. In addition, the distribution and marketing is burned together with Sony’s $ 100 million.


  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Rovio’s Desperate Push For ‘Angry Birds’ Movie

    Last year Rovio “cut 213 jobs, affecting all departments except those working on the film and its related projects,” remembers VentureBeat, describing their effort to make a movie about three outcast birds on an island of happier birds who all meet in an anger management class. But “Since Rovio funded the entire film, the directors didn’t have to answer to an executive committee or a board of trustees…”

    After working for four years from a script by Jon Vitti (a writer for both The Simpsons and The Office), and funding a marketing onslaught that lasted nine months, Rovio finally saw their Angry Birds movie open in this weekend’s #1 spot, according to the New York Times. “Most of the ‘Angry Birds’ financial risk fell to Rovio, the Finnish video game company, which paid $173 million to make and market the movie. As such, Rovio will receive the bulk of any profit.”

    ‘The Angry Birds Movie’: How Rovio turned its hit game into an animated film

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    During the first 10 days in dollars worldwide, which produces more than 150 million Angry Birds from the movie is on track to become the highest-grossing of all time movie based on the video game film.

    Film production company Sony used the movie’s budget total $ 73 million.
    Animations produced by Sony have been huge successes.

    Most profitable video game based on the movie title is now Tomb Raider, which produced at the time of $ 131 million.



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