Friday Fun: 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards

Drunk Earthworms, Frozen Poop Knives, And Alligators On Helium Win 2020′s Ig Nobel Awards

A project of the Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Nobel awards initially mocked work that “Cannot or should not be replicated,” but has since expanded to cover any science that “First makes you laugh, then makes you think.”

Like this: “getting earthworms drunk on vodka, putting them on a speaker, and measuring their vibrations with a laser”

The Economics prize sought a relationship between a nation’s income inequality and how often its populace kiss, while an alligator breathing helium won experimenters a prize in Acoustics.

Beyond science, the Management Prize went to five hitmen who tried to subcontract murders to each other, and the world leaders who have most bungled the Covid-19 response.


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