DT830 multimeters

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Another meter is fried again today!!!

I have six meters blown in 2 years, while reading high voltage AC.
I guess I will find a better alternative for such reading.

Is there a way of fixing spoilt meters!?.

We are talking about this kind of DT830 type multimeters:

My answer:

Those three on the right are basically the same dt830 design with very slight variations. Those are known to work OK on low voltages but are not well designed or protected against high voltages. Some DT830 meters have ended to sales ban lists because are not safe for mains voltage mesurement. I own several dt830 based meters and use them only with low voltage circuits. For mains voltage circuits I use known brand 1000V rated meter!

Some info on dt830 meters – technology and repair information:

They are this kind of cheap multimeters

Here is DT830B circuit diagram from https://www.hobby-hour.com/electronics/dt830b-digital-multimeter.php

These meters are not designed for high voltage AC. They work quite OK for low voltage measurement.
Don’t buy or use cheap meters to measure high voltage.
Buy Fluke, Agilent, Keysight or another known brand. The quality does matter when your life is on the line.