Electronics shops in Helsinki and near Helsinki in Finland

Electronics component shop are dying.
My nearest electronics component shop Yleiselektroniikka in Espoo Finland at Luomannotko 6 just closed it’s shop few weeks ago. They still sells online.

The remaining shops are much smaller and much farther away on other nearby cities (Helsinki and Espoo). The way seems to be now to return to mail order – either from those if I want quality or cheap crap from china for experimenting.

I made years ago an overview document (now outdated) on the electronics component shops in Helsinki and Finland. It seems to be time for some update. Here is overview of still existing electronics component shops in Finland near Helsinki I know about. I used to visit many of them, but not that much anymore.

Bebek Electronic has a component shop in Helsinki at Sörnäisten Rantatie 6. Here are some pictures of the shop from Bebek shop web page.

Radioduo used to have a big electronics shop in Helsinki, but now has has a small smaller component shop in Helsinki at Sorvaajankatu 11.

Uraltone is a Musical Instrument Electronics Specialty Store in Helsinki at Helsinginkatu 30. This shop has Tube Amplifier Accessories, Building Kits, Guitar Parts, Speakers, HIFI, Pedal Boards, Electronic Components. Google has street view picture.

Partco has an electronics component shop in Vantaa at Juurakkotie 5 B. Partco has a wide range serves everything related to electronics hobbies, training, maintenance and manufacturing.
Google has some pictures of outside and inside.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Had information on some changes:
    Bebek Electronic is about to start operations with renewed vigor.

    With these prospects, the online store will open in the traditional form, but will be updated to this day as soon as sufficient resources are available.
    So, welcome to the shops.

    We will inform you when the doors are opened in Helsinki in Hakaniemi and on Hirsimetsäntie in Lahti

  2. kiss novel says:

    I have researched on it, thanks for your information

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    YE lopetti komponenttimyymälän – tilalle noutoautomaatit
    Uutuudet – 28.12.2020


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