The Voices of Ethernet

Ethernet has risen to the top of the communications networking industry as a standard that dominates the data center down to the PC. Compatibility between old and new versions of Ethernet is legendary.

The Ethernet Alliance has started an ongoing oral history, The Voices of Ethernet, in the form of video interviews of key players in Ethernet’s history and development. It contains a collection of spoken records with the real people behind Ethernet’s story, sharing engaging personal accounts of pivotal events and major milestones.

“The Voices of Ethernet project tells the story of the technology’s journey from Xerox PARC in 1973 to the foundation technology of the Internet today. We talk to the key figures in this journey and let them tell their own stories.”
Peter Jones, President, Ethernet Alliance

The video series starts with Robert “Father of Ethernet” Metcalfe.

Check also GARY S. ROBINSON Ethernet Standards Pioneer and ROBERT GROW IEEE Fellow & former Chair of IEEE 802.3.